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Example queries in canoonet

A query searches several German dictionaries, a glossary of linguistic terms, as well as the descriptions in the German grammar. Using our Unknown Word products it is also possible to analyse words that are not listed in any of our dictionaries.
1.  Search for a word such as reißen Run example
=> Relevant hits in:
  • Dictionaries

2.  Search for a linguistic term such as Umlaut Run example
=> Relevants hits in:
  • Glossary of Linguistic Terms;
  • New German Spelling Rules;
  • Grammar;
  • Wordformation Rules;
  • Dictionaries.

3.  Search for a prefix or word such as aus Run example
=> Relevant hits in:
  • Grammar;
  • Wordformation Rules
  • Dictionaries.

4.  Search for a prefix or suffix such as heit Run example
=> Relevant hits in:
  • Wordformation Rules.

5.  Analysis of "unknown" word like Beamtenversicherungskasse Run example
=> List of possible word formations.

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